Most people living in Canada are immigrants.  People that moved there, because they looked forward to find a well paid job and freedom. Of course all of those immigrants left relatives behind in the country they came from. That's why it happens frequently that relatives living in the country of origin lose contact and one day are desperately trying to get in contact again, but very often do not have a current address and / or phone number of the person they are searching for.

That's why canada people search is in huge demand and when looking at the numbers of searches per day performed on google for the term "canada people search"  you will be amazed. So many people are obviousoly desperately trying to find a relative or friend who emmigrated to Canada.

Of course their are various ways how you can try to find people in Canada.

 The search methods can be greater than you can imagine!

If you know the city where the friend or relative lives it is a good idea first to simply have a look at the cities white pages.

If the white pages are not helpful, then it is time to start a search on the internet. Google is always a good starting point.  So go ahead and enter the name of the person you are looking for in Canada.

If your Canada people search on google has not been successfull, it is time for step two.  Look for your frined or relative in Canada on the most popular social networking sites such as Myspace and Facebook.  Millions of people have a Myspace or Facebook profile these days.  So there is  a good chance you will find th eperson or friend you are searching for in Canada on one of these sites.

Still no success?!

Don't worry, then it is time for step 3!

You can still ask a professional internet Canada people search can agency for help! Again, no need to worry! Most of these people search services are very affordable and cost around $25.

My favorite People Search Service: Gov Records

All you need to do after signing up is entering the person's name your are looking for in Canada, click one button and you will be given a detailed report within some seconds. This detailed people searhc report contains past and current address, phone number, information on neighbors and a lot more.

As you can see: finding someone in Canada is not that difficult with the help of the internet!

Richard Swann

I am looking for an old friend named
Gary Orville Rattu.
He lived in Peterborough Ontario in the late 1980s and moved to Alberta about 1990 and I lost track of him.
Please help me locate him.
Thank you.

Michael Douglas Lennerton


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