Besides online people searches there is also a huge demand on free criminal background checks. THere are various reasons for performing online background checks.  E.g. you have new nanny for your kids and want to learn about her criminal past. Or your teenage girsl has a new boyfriend and you want to find out everythign about him. I came across a really interesting article. You definitely should have a lott at it: Free Criminal Background Checks.

11/19/2008 11:42:30 am

the problem with free criminal checks sites is the companies that offer them often don't have very good coverage. i've been using on my new hires and they've worked out so far.

thomas w merillat jr
11/24/2008 12:39:26 pm

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11/5/2009 12:11:10 pm

There are many great resources online for criminal checks... This[URL=""]CriminalWatchDog[/URL] site is known as one of the best.


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