The internet has really been a very powerful tool used for various objectives. Unquestionably, it has been a good aid in education, science, business, interpersonal relations, and many other areas. There is probably no area which has not been affected by it. With such overwhelming capacity, it can be said that it has been a very effective link between all types of information available anywhere in the world and worldwide information seekers. 

Given this, right now, the internet is also used to locate people. There are several web-based people search tools available to do this and what is even better is that these are often for free. However, the entire process of finding people via the internet may require a lot of patience but it has been tried and tested to actually deliver results.

On the average, having only a person’s name and nothing else would still work. The easiest way to use this information to search is by going to Google. One just needs to type in the name and click on the search button. Of course, if the searcher has more information at hand, he can also type it in to narrow down the search. Also, if a person’s surname is quite common or typical, the first name and middle name are very important to indicate. At times, the searcher may need to enter the information in different ways. 

There are also several people search engines. These, unlike Google, are designed specifically to find people. One of them is InfoSpace White Pages Search. Searchers should identify the name and city and state of location. Similar to this is Lycos People Search Engine, which, at the same time, can also try searching for a person’s phone number. If information available is not too much, or searcher may not be so sure of the complete and correct spelling of the name, he may try AnyWho Find a Person. It can start searching even if only the first 4 letters of the first name or surname is indicated in the search field. However, one should expect a very broad results list but this can be a good start at the very least. 

Of all these people search engines, Yahoo People Search is considered as the more popular and better one. This is considering the fact that almost everyone using the internet actually has a yahoo account, and even most of the time having more than one account. Yahoo boasts of a very broad database and a good number of people can attest that yahoo delivers successful searches. It has successfully provided correct email and postal mail addresses and even phone numbers. 

However, there could still be searches which really do not bring in any close results. This can be due to the fact that the information may not be stored on web pages that are easily searched for general purposes but in secured databases instead. A regular search engine may not work in these cases. asserts that their search engine uses more advanced system to actually be able to interact with these secured databases. This is a good option and they guarantee that generated results, inspite of their more advanced search process, are presented in an easy-to-understand format.

Unless it is indicated, it can be expected that all these sites are offering the service for free. Thus, one should be cautious as soon as information related to finances are solicited such as credit card numbers and bank account details. These, obviously, are not safe to use.

10/18/2010 10:31:00 am

Great article. People Search is huge and will remain so because by nature people need to be connected to each other one way or another.


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