Are you looking for someone? Do you want to know methods to find people for free? Well, you do not need to go too far. You have the most powerful tool of the modern age right readily available. Yes, you guessed right. That is the computer on which you are reading this very article. There is no more powerful tool to find people for free that this computer which connects you to the World Wide Web through Internet. There are millions of ways to search and find people for free. Some of the most popular and easy methods are described below:

§ Phone directories - this is one of the simplest and within-the-reach-everyone methods ever. Everybody can find a telephone directory and all you have to do it is look it up and see whether the name or names you are looking for are listed there. If the person you are searching for lived in the region in the recent past, there is a good chance that you will find whom you are looking for. This is the first method to find people for free that you need to try out.

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§ Internet phone directories - another great way to find people for free is with the help of the phone directories listed on the Net. Do not be surprised when you see millions of results to your search for 'phone directories' on any search engine search bar. Some of the phone directories you should try out are, Switchboard, Lycos people search, Teldir which has a gigantic worldwide database, and Whitepages.

§ Use the Internet - there is a very simple method, which might give some great results when you are looking out to find people for free and that is the search engines. You could simply type the name of the person in all variants you know them and see what the search engine brings up for you. This is a great way to track a person because in the present age, the majority of people have a presence on the Net. You might stumble upon their personal domain or CV posted on the Net.

If you are still at a lost use common friends there is always a link to a person you know. The world today has shrunk a lot due to the low cost of traveling and the Internet. It is not possible that you do not know somebody or someplace where the person you are looking for does not know. This could be a common friend, relative, work place, children's school, and so on. This is another exceptional way to find people for free. However, this method would work if you knew the person before. None the less finding people for free is a simple method that you just have to get the hang of.

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