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  Are you looking for someone? Do you want to know methods to find people for free? Well, you do not need to go too far. You have the most powerful tool of the modern age right readily available. Yes, you guessed right. That is the computer on which you are reading this very article. There is no more powerful tool to find people for free that this computer which connects you to the World Wide Web through Internet. There are millions of ways to search and find people for free. Some of the most popular and easy methods are described below:

§ Phone directories - this is one of the simplest and within-the-reach-everyone methods ever. Everybody can find a telephone directory and all you have to do it is look it up and see whether the name or names you are looking for are listed there. If the person you are searching for lived in the region in the recent past, there is a good chance that you will find whom you are looking for. This is the first method to find people for free that you need to try out.

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§ Internet phone directories - another great way to find people for free is with the help of the phone directories listed on the Net. Do not be surprised when you see millions of results to your search for 'phone directories' on any search engine search bar. Some of the phone directories you should try out are, Switchboard, Lycos people search, Teldir which has a gigantic worldwide database, and Whitepages.

§ Use the Internet - there is a very simple method, which might give some great results when you are looking out to find people for free and that is the search engines. You could simply type the name of the person in all variants you know them and see what the search engine brings up for you. This is a great way to track a person because in the present age, the majority of people have a presence on the Net. You might stumble upon their personal domain or CV posted on the Net.

If you are still at a lost use common friends there is always a link to a person you know. The world today has shrunk a lot due to the low cost of traveling and the Internet. It is not possible that you do not know somebody or someplace where the person you are looking for does not know. This could be a common friend, relative, work place, children's school, and so on. This is another exceptional way to find people for free. However, this method would work if you knew the person before. None the less finding people for free is a simple method that you just have to get the hang of.

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  Can you really find people by phone number? The answer is yes if you know how to go about doing it in the proper way. As it can prove to be a very difficult task to do without the incorporation of some key steps to begin your search for whomever it is you are looking to find via their home phone number or cell phone number.

Sometimes it does not require a whole lot of information about a person personally to be able to locate them at a new address or what not. A working phone number or cell phone number can prove to be way effective information in getting you the whereabouts for the specific individual that you are seeking to find. There are not a lot of free searches out there with regards to finding people by phone number. Be aware of that fact first of all. However it is worth it to spend a little bit of money if need be to find the person you are looking for.

How can you find people by their phone number?

§ Doing an online search by specific phone number is cost-effective in itself. As you do not have to pay a private investigator to seek, out what you can do yourself for a fraction of the cost?

§ Conducting an online search is also worlds easier and faster than any other means out there. Begin your search by finding a reputable website that deals solely in people locating through phone numbers. Especially if all you have to work with is an old phone number for the person you wish to find.

§ Sometimes an old phones number or new phone number is all you need to track someone down. If you would like further info check out websites, that offer resources for tracking people through phone numbers.

§ The white pages are a great source to find a People by a Phone Number. There are many pages of lists of names to go through. So if you have the number or name of the person this would be an excellent way to find them.

Before you begin to figure out just where to hunt for your said person. Consider a few things first. Is the person you seek an ordinary person or is he or she an expert in some kind of field? Sometimes if a person is an expert or professional, you can locate them by way of a web page that they may have or through databases that are designed for experts or certain professionals as a group per se.

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  If you need to find people by address, you are lucky because you are having in your possession a very vital clue, which could make your search very easy. First of all the question is whether you have the address with you. In case you think you have it, you would need to initially find the address before proceeding to the next step of your search. Find people by an address, how do you do that? One might ask. Well, there are many ways to find people by addresses and some of the most common ones are briefly described below:

§ Most of the modern people search providers have excellent search functions. All you have to do is feed in the first, last or any nickname he or she used. If the search some up with nothing, but you are sure that this is the person's address. Then you could run the search a number of times from different angles such as zip codes, postal codes, names, last first and middle, street names, numbers in the address etc.

§ Find people by address with the help of the white pages and yellow pages. This is fast and exceptionally efficient method to find people by their address.

§ Find people by address with meta search engines, people search engines, person search engines, address finder search engines etc. They are all proven methods to finding people.

§ To find people by addresses you could also ask any common friends who might know the person you are looking for. Phone book directories have tons of names of people, which also provide their addresses and phone numbers.

§ A final method you can use when trying to find people by address is to use your local post office and see if they can locate what you are looking for.

Similar to the above, there are scores of places where to you could look and find your answer. Once you have the address, you already have a very vital clue in your hand. With the help of the Internet, it is easy to find people by their address. The simplest method is to shoot a mail to the person and see whether the address is still active. If it does not return with a failed report, then most probably it is still active. This means that you found your person. Ask them to reply as soon as they receive the letter from you.

In case the address is out of date and your friend or relative does not live there anymore, you have wto choices. Either try to contact neighbors and find out where your friend or relative moved to, or subscribe to one of the many online people search services. They have old and current addresses of millions of people on file. You only have to pay if you get results. The price is around 20 bucks.
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  It is sad and heartbreaking when your loved one has vanished. Find missing people organizations and the police can assist in this matter. When friends and family turn out to have, disappeared time is of the essences. It is believed, that the first couple of days are the most vital moments to locate these individuals. Find missing people groups are dedicated in working with you to help you through this difficult time. You may not know where to turn and when you call the police, they may not always have the resources to get on top of the situation right away. Find missing people organizations that started and maintained by people that have lost a friend of family member and volunteers that would like to see these people come home. There are various questions and advice find missing people groups can give to someone that is disoriented and distraught.

§ Find missing people non-profit groups will start with the basic questions. These are the person's appearance, location, last seen.

§ Then the find missing people organization will ask if the police have been informed. If there were any phone calls from the victim or strangers to the family.

§ These dedicated individuals will keep in contact with you throughout their search. They will also work with local law enforcement teams all the way through this difficult time.

§ Some will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any questions of concerns you may have. The find missing people associations could also have support teams willing to help you emotionally through these troubling days.

Find missing people can be achieved other ways as well. You could contact a private investigator or offer a reward leading to information concerning your loved one. There are various resources available to offer you comfort and security when you need to find missing people. The Internet is a viable resource to look into any news reports or witnesses for the day they vanished from sight. It is vital to be able to find missing people successfully if you know their friends, significant others and their day to day schedules. With this information, you may be able to narrow down the search dramatically. With the assistance of the police, the public and organizations, you will learn and understand where these loved ones have disappeared. It is important to never give up hope on their safe return. There are also various self service people search services online offering access to their databases for a small fee. They are connected to numerous worldwide databases. So subscribing to one of these services, which is around $20, migh tbe a good idea as well.

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  Most people living in Canada are immigrants.  People that moved there, because they looked forward to find a well paid job and freedom. Of course all of those immigrants left relatives behind in the country they came from. That's why it happens frequently that relatives living in the country of origin lose contact and one day are desperately trying to get in contact again, but very often do not have a current address and / or phone number of the person they are searching for.

That's why canada people search is in huge demand and when looking at the numbers of searches per day performed on google for the term "canada people search"  you will be amazed. So many people are obviousoly desperately trying to find a relative or friend who emmigrated to Canada.

Of course their are various ways how you can try to find people in Canada.

 The search methods can be greater than you can imagine!

If you know the city where the friend or relative lives it is a good idea first to simply have a look at the cities white pages.

If the white pages are not helpful, then it is time to start a search on the internet. Google is always a good starting point.  So go ahead and enter the name of the person you are looking for in Canada.

If your Canada people search on google has not been successfull, it is time for step two.  Look for your frined or relative in Canada on the most popular social networking sites such as Myspace and Facebook.  Millions of people have a Myspace or Facebook profile these days.  So there is  a good chance you will find th eperson or friend you are searching for in Canada on one of these sites.

Still no success?!

Don't worry, then it is time for step 3!

You can still ask a professional internet Canada people search can agency for help! Again, no need to worry! Most of these people search services are very affordable and cost around $25.

My favorite People Search Service: Gov Records

All you need to do after signing up is entering the person's name your are looking for in Canada, click one button and you will be given a detailed report within some seconds. This detailed people searhc report contains past and current address, phone number, information on neighbors and a lot more.

As you can see: finding someone in Canada is not that difficult with the help of the internet!


  To start with let us talk a bit about what AOL is, AOL is another software program designed for use with the internet, much as if simpatico has its own software. In addition, so do various other companies like Rogers, and Cogeco, and the ability to use it becomes a worldwide phenomenon. Even children can use it since it is an easy Internet based software program.

In addition, just to define the term AOL, just 'America On-line', mostly used in the United States, but everyone uses it. Even today, some people are using it with their modems to communicate with others, but that is not the only service it does. It also has the ability to download video, audio, email much like others, and most importantly, a company called Time Warner operates it. The history of AOL you can read online to get a more in-depth analysis of how it became AOL. Nevertheless, for the most part on the Internet there are so many of those kinds of titles it can be difficult to choose. Now how about AOL people Search?

Well in mostly all programs like AOL, you have the ability to search for people, someone that you wish to talk to and you haven't talk to in a long time, there are several ways in which you can do that much like the following:

· Chats and online community forums, simply because communications is one of the most powerful ways in which we wish to talk to someone. Forums and discussion become widely spread, so people log on, chat, and talk about various different topics, even including how to use AOL to search for people.

· Let us include of course the white pages, yellow pages, as well as finding free AOL people searches from different programs on the Internet. As net-trace, and AOL people connections, you can also do a search on celebrities of your chosen, whether a rock star, or movie director.

· Alternatively, how about your own personal library of people, that you have made up and placed on your list, if you wish to contact them. By using the persons names, addresses and even their phone number can get you all the information you want, even some companies offer that ability for such a small price, even in other countries there is that choice.

· Remember AOL keeps a diary of what searches people make, and since this actually includes over twenty million queries from thousands of users. The topics that come to mind, but not just the person may be looking for them there are also criminals that the police or agencies are looking for.

However, the most surprising and intelligent thing that AOL people search has, is a full massive storage of data that it remembers. So even using the last search is on the list, even the history of which searches you made, but remember the privacy policies are still in place, so be careful in what you search for.

Tip: There are a lot of services offering a so called free people search which are in fact not free. These sites only offer the initial search for free. However, if records are found you are asked for payment, otherwise you will not be shown the full report. So be careful!

My favorite People Search Service: Gov Records

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Free people searches can be located all across the internet. This is a helpful tool when you are trying to track down a lost loved one. If you have someone in your past that you have lost contact with, this is a fantastic method in finding those individuals. These free people searches are easy to locate and simple to use. There are various options available when you are using free people searches to seek that lost love or an old friend. It is difficult to keep in contact with individuals throughout life. With the technique of free people searches, you will be able to find almost anyone. There are various websites with different options available to assist you in finding that special someone. You may even just want to look up old friends or loves for kicks. Free people searches are perfect for anything you desire. The choices you have from different free people searches are extraordinary.

§ Free people searches offer a wide range of white pages as well as yellow pages for different states and countries.


§ You could search by high schools or colleges if you are seeking an old classmate.

§ If you are looking for a business or a friend in a specific field of expertise, free people searches could assist you in this matter.

§ Someone could have called you or you have an old phone number that you do not remember who it belongs to. Reverse phone number free people searches are available for you as well.

§ There are companies available to you that will let you search by names, phone numbers, emails and public records.

§ Some of these businesses will give you an option to leave an email or message with the people you are seeking.

Free people searches are an excellent method in locating anyone you choose. If they exist, you will be able to find at least some information on them. It does not matter where this person lives or where he or she lived in the past. Most people search services offer a worldwide search.The free people searches will tell you if their number is not listed. All you need to complete this goal is a last name. Even though, a first name, city and state may assist you quicker. The websites are simple and straightforward to understand and you will receive information in a matter of seconds. It could not be easier to locate and contact a lost love or an old friend, military buddy or relative. All the information and facts about the company you choose will be displayed for your convenience. There is nothing to loose with free people searches.


  There are many reasons why USA people searches are today becoming very popular and critical as well. The Internet has given this possibility a new dimension making it easy for those who need information to find it if they are diligent enough to look for it. The USA People Search is one such information provider that helps locating people in USA. USA people search is important because humans are social animals. They need to be connected mentally and emotionally most of the time and hence, they would always want to know where their classmates were? Where their ex-wife or husband was? Where their childhood friends were? Their long lost family members such as uncles, cousins, step brothers/ sisters, biological parents, and so on. Today the importance of such searches is more, because it is easy for people to hide things and themselves. The economic and market globalization has given result to a cosmopolitan global citizen who is harder to track in spite of the modern amenities and modern search methods. Why People Search Are Today So Important?


§ The USA People Search is an excellent search website, which is accurate and efficient. It is also a paid service. You could choose to be a member for seven days only for less than US $20. You could then use their database for your search for unlimited time (within the seven days) and for unlimited people.

§ You could also avail of the USA People Search premier search offer which comes with a price tag of approx US $40. For this you would get not only information on the whereabouts of the person but also an in depth check in their background with up to 20 years financial history, relatives, aliases, property ownership, loans outstanding and other such details.

§ The USA People Search also offers a check on the criminal record of the person - for an additional fee of US $10 - in case you need the information.

§ The USA People Search is excellent, delivers what it promises and comes to you with a trial partial search so you could check it out before making a payment. This is a limited report that would come available on payment of US $10 approximately.

§ The USA People Search is a great place to go, if you fail with the normal free methods of searching for the person you need.

Other reasons why people searches are needed and organizations such as USA People Search have been instituted are the need to know a person's background and or their whereabouts if they disappear following a bad loan, bankruptcy, aliases, tax evasions, property ownership and so on. This information is most sought by bill collectors, financial institutions and even police.